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Ibex Quarantine challenges

Are you the fittest or smartest Ibexer? Test yourself and find out with our daily Ibex Quarantine challenges, posted here every day to keep you busy at home. For the instruction videos, click on the blue challenge names. We started Tuesday 24 March with the first challenge. If you want, you can join the IQ challenges whatsapp group to share the results of your attempts and keep in touch with your fellow Ibexers via these fun exercises, but you can also just challenge yourself every day. As long as you stay in shape, stay inside, and please, do try this at home.

*You don't have to follow the rules of the exercises: you can make the challenges as easy or difficult as you want, but it might cost you some points...


Daily IQ challenge list:

Day 1. Tuesday 24 March 2020:  T-shirt challenge

You should have a T-shirt within reach, but can't touch it at the beginning of the challenge. Do a handstand, with your feet leaning against the wall. Then put on the shirt and remain in handstand position until you are wearing it. For an example, see the following video: IQ challenge day 1a. You can make this challenge a little easier for yourself by placing your feet lower. You can let them rest on a piece of furniture of the desired height and do a plank instead of a real handstand. For an example of this, see the following video: IQ challenge day 1b. And if, like Lieke, you happen to have a challenging dog, you can also try the reverse: IQ challenge day 1c.

Day 2. Wednesday 25 March 2020:  Table boulder challenge

Try to climb around a table as fast as possible, or try to find other, more creative ways to climb around one or more tables! Disclaimer: this video has been made long before the COVID-19 self-quarantine. Don't do this activity in groups like we did back then. Find a table heavy enough to withstand your abuse of it or ask a member of your household (someone you can't avoid anyway) to hold the table in place. 

Day 3. Thursday 26 March 2020:  Toilet roll roll challenge

Lie down on your back, balance a toilet roll on your foot like in the video and roll over until you are on your back again without dropping the toilet roll. You can cross your legs in various ways, so you don't have to replicate the video exactly. Make sure you are wearing shoes with flat soles and using an unused toilet roll, otherwise the paper will unwind from the roll, especially when it falls. And it wil... To make it a little easier for yourself, you can cheat a little by supporting your leg with your hands, but you cannot touch the toilet roll with anything other than your foot/shoe! Perhaps needless to say, but you are also not allowed to attach the toilet roll to your shoe. 

Day 4. Friday 27 March 2020:  Happy Birthday challenge

I think you'll find that the video says more than a hundred words... Hang upside down between the doorposts and keep yourself up by putting pressure on your back and feet. If you slide down, you can cheat a little by putting your hand on the floor. When your properly hanging, sing Happy Birthday (lyrics below) because today, Friday 27 March 2020, WSAC Ibex turned 34! Congratulations everyone!

Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us,
happy birthday WSAC Ibex, happy birthday to us.

Day 5. Saturday 28 March 2020:  Pick up challenge

Put a light object, like an empty bag, stuffed animal, clothing item, apple or even cherry tomato on the floor and pick it up with your mouth. You're not allowed to use your hands, lean against anything or touch the floor with any other body parts than your feet. You can determine the difficulty yourself: use a larger object to make it easier and a smaller one to make it more difficult.

Day 6. Sunday 29 March 2020:  Untying challenge

Take a piece of rope, prusik rope, phone charger or something like that and make a loop at both ends. In the example in the video, that is done with two 8 knots but you can make the loops any way you want. After that, make an 8 knot in the middle of the rope and put the loops around your wrists. Without taking the loops off your wrists or damaging the rope, try to undo the knot. We posted the answer video below, but try it yourself first and don't give up too easily. Don't share your technique in the WhatsApp group, just the time it took you to undo the knot.

Click here for the answer video.

Day 7. Monday 30 March 2020:  Handy workout

Monday morning, time to get back to workout. Today, we train our hands and wrists. In the video is shown how to do the exercises listed below. Watch out for injuries, you don't need to do everything at once! When your hands start to hurt, give them a break and only resume when it doesn't hurt anymore.

  • 50 x squeeze
  • 50 x pinch
  • 20 x finger touch
  • 25 x palm down tilt down
  • 25 x palm up tilt up

Day 8. Tuesday 31 March 2020:  Banana challenge

After the exhausting workout of yesterday, have a banana! Lock off one arm (hang on it and hold it in a 90 degrees angle) and with the other hand, peel and eat a banana. If that is too hard, you can make it a little easier by holding your arm straight. 

Day 9. Wednesday 1 April 2020:  Rebus challenge

Solve this homemade rebus (picture puzzle). You can help each other, but give others a chance to have a try on their own as well. Here, you can check out the still pictures (whole picture, 1st quarter close-up, 2nd quarter close-up, 3rd quarter close-up and 4th quarter close-up) to take your time to work out the puzzle. Oh, and the rebus is in English. If you still can't find out after a while of struggling, you can find the solution video posted below. We hope you have fun, we certainly did!

Click here for the answer video.

Day 10. Thursday 2 April 2020:  Broomstick challenge

Take a broomstick and hold it behind your back with your palms forward like in the video. Move it all around your body without letting go of the broomstick or moving your hands over the broomstick and you can't put your leg in between your arms.

Day 11. Friday 3 April 2020:  Push-up walk challenge

Go from one end of the house/room to the other by alternating between doing a push-up and moving your hands and feet one step as shown in the video. We don't want to make the video too long and boring, but keep going up and down the room as long as you can! 

Day 12. Saturday 4 April 2020:  DIY forearm trainer challenge

To make your own forearm trainer, you need: a weight (like a water bottle), rope/string/cord, (duct) tape and a magazine. First, tape the magazine into a roll. Heat the end of the rope so it doesn't fray and tie it around the magazine. Put tape over the rope next to the knot so the knot can't move. Tie the other end of the rope to your weight. Now your forearm trainer is finished. Share how yours turned out!

Day 13. Sunday 5 April 2020:  8 knot challenge

Find a way to hang on one arm and with your free hand, take a peace of rope and tie an 8 knot in it. For bonus points, there is the extra challenge of attaching yourself to the rope with a double 8 knot. 

Day 14. Monday 6 April 2020:  Back-up challenge

Monday morning, time to get back to workout. Today we train our stomach muscles. In de video is shown how to do the exercises listed below. You can do the exercises between 5 and 50 times: 5-15 is beginner level; 20-35 is experienced level and 40-50 is expert level. Choose your number and go over the list of exercises twice without a break. That means that you will have done each exercise between 10 and 100 times in total. 

  • 5-50x leg raise (with or without butt)
  • 5-50x bicycle (sitting up or lying down) (2 leg-elbow touches is 1x)
  • 5-50x crunch/sit up
  • 5-50x back crunch/back raise
  • 5-50x butt cheek balance - left butt cheek
  • 5-50x butt cheek balance - right butt cheek

Day 15. Tuesday 7 April 2020:  

Not yet available


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