For more information on any of the committees below or if you would like to join them, you can send an email to the Board. If the abbreviations don't match with the names between brackets, that is because all the abbreviations are in Dutch.


The Akcie (activities committee) organises various activities, such as BBQs, mountainbike events, canoeing trips, movie nights, bivouac weekends and more. The committee gathers regularly to think of, organise and evaluate new activities.


The Alpcie (Alpine committee) organises the Ibex Summer Camping, a week where Ibexers and friends can share a campsite in the Alps and go hiking, climbing, mountaineering or do other activities in the area. They also organise lectures and workshops to prepare for mountaineering courses, such as practicing rope techniques or learning about weather patterns.


The Blescie (injuries committee) takes care of the members who obtained injuries which prevent them from climbing or joining other Ibex activities. The Blescie takes care of these members by sending them a 'get well soon- card' and invites them extra to join other, physical low-impactful activities like movie evenings.


The Camcie (camera committee) takes pictures during events and maintains the gallery to make sure all members can enjoy the activities they missed and relive the activities they joined. (Pictures are never made public unless everyone involved has given consent).

Introcie (inactive)

The Introcie (Introduction committee) provides several activities for the new members. They make sure that Ibex is in the spotlight during the AID and also organise the introduction period in which new members are familiarised with the association.


The Kascie (financial audit committee) monitors the bank accounts and checks the book keeping from the treasurer at least before every general members meeting. The Kascie usually consists of former treasurers, but having been treasurer is not a requirement if you want to join.


The Klic (Climbing wall committee) ensures that the Bongerd climbing wall has enough fun climbing routes at various levels.


The Klimtechnicie (climbing technique committee) provide trainings every Wednesday to improve your climbing technique.

Lustrumcie (inactive)

The Lustrumcie (Lustrum committee) is the committee that organises the Lustrum celebrations. Ibex celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2023 because it was cancelled due to covid-19 in the lustrum year 2021. Our 40th anniversary will be celebrated in 2026! :)


The Nothingtocie (Nude calendar committee) is a new committee tasked with making an Ibex nude calendar. During the lustrum, our flag has been taken by another association and to get it back, we need to make a nude calendar. Since none of the members did anything to protect the flag, the board has decided to share this responsibility with the rest of the members.


The Opcie (Education committee) consists of instructors that organise climbing courses. The Opcie is an offical NKBV educational institute for future climbing instructors.


The Promocie (Promotion/Advertising committee) makes sure that nobody will forget the name of Ibex. One of their projects is designing and selling decorated T-shirts, socks and other merchandise.


The Redakcie (Editors committee) creates our beautiful association magazine. The Ibexpress, which is now completely online, is full of exciting stories, pictures and gossip about the things members are doing and activities and climbing weekends which Ibex has organised.

Sponsorcie (inactive)

The Sponsorcie (Sponsorship committee) maintains contact with the advertisers, and looks for new sponsors.

(Current sponsors of WSAC Ibex: Wageningen University and Research & SWU Thymos)


The Trainingcie (Training committee)


The Webcie (Website committee) keeps the website you are looking at up-to-date.

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