Introduction period

In September and February/March, at the beginning of each semester, we organise an Introduction period. We offer an Indoor Toprope course (IT course) in September and some years also in February/March, depending on instructor availability. 
Down here you can already take a look at what Ibex had to offer for you!

The information specifically directed towards intro members is divided into two blocks: September 2020 (the up-to-date information about the next introduction period) and climbing/boulder gym (general information about going climbing with Ibex). Not all information will be relevant for you, so you don’t have to read everything at once, but do look here first if you have questions. On the pages for intro members, you can find information about the following topics:

September 2020:

> Go to September 2020

  • AID
  • Introduction course
  • Mentor groups
  • Subscription
  • Requirements

Climbing/boulder gym:

>Go to Climbing/boulder gym

  • What to bring
  • Public transport
  • Car sharing
  • Costs


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