IV course (Indoor voorklimmen)

After finishing your indoor toprope (IT) course in the introduction period you can start to think about the next step in your climbing career, indoor lead climbing (often referred to as ‘IV’ within Ibex). As the name suggests, lead climbing means the rope is not set up for you beforehand. As a lead climber, you bring the rope while climbing up, and clip the rope to the wall with a quickdraw after every few meters of climbing. This is the first step towards climbing independently on the rocks outdoors, where there are of course no ropes attached to the walls like in a climbing gym. During the indoor lead course you are therefore not just learning a new belaying technique, but also a new way of climbing.

Why would I take part in the IV course of Ibex?

First the most important reason: the climbing weekends of Ibex. One of the most fun activities Ibex has to offer is outdoor climbing in Belgium, France or Germany. Not only climbing becomes more adventurous outdoors, but you also get to know Ibexers of all ages really well while camping, cooking, having drinks and climbing together for a weekend. Before you can start learning how to climb outdoors during the OV course, you need to be in the possession of an approved IV certificate.
The IV course is also a good way to become a better climber when you don’t aspire to go outdoors. Some gyms have specific lead climbing routes. And while lead climbing you are forced to think with every move you make, because the fall you could make is bigger, which makes you think about your technique. 

What does the course look like?

The course comprises 4 course nights or afternoons at De Bongerd. The exam will take place during the fourth course moment. In this course you will learn various techniques, such as belaying a lead climber, clipping of quickdraws and falling.
The course usually takes place at the end of January/Februari, so it is possible in theory to finish both the IV course as well as the OV course in one year. Due to corona this planning is a bit unsure. The subscription for this course hasn't been opened yet. 

Which skills do I need to have to participate in the course?

Not much, you need to climb at least 5c (onsight) in a Dutch climbing gym and be motivated to participate in all learning moments to complete the course.

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