Nice that you want to become a member of WSAC Ibex! In order to become an Ibex member, you need to comply with 4 requirements. Those are:

  1. Indoor Toprope certificate
  2. Annual student sports rights at Sports Centre the Bongerd (SCB)
  3. Account on the website
  4. Direct debit form (membership form)

These requirements are explained in detail below. If you have any questions or comments, please send an email to the board ( 

The coming subscriptions open in August 2024. More information on the introduction period and signing up can be found here.

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Indoor Toprope certificate

The IT certificate, issued by the NKBV, shows that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to toprope belay someone safely. Toprope means that the rope is already hanging down from the top of the route. WSAC Ibex does not automatically accept other certificates than those issued by the NKBV. However, if you already have a foreign or climbing gym specific certificate, you can take the exam with us and we will provide you with an NKBV IT certificate.

If you don't have an IT certificate yet, you can sign up for our next introduction course. If we don't have any spots available (the capacity is limited) or you don't want to wait until our next course, you can take an IT course at the Bongerd (SCB). You could also take the course at a commercial climbing gym, such as Mountain Network Arnhem, but that is more expensive (and not all climbing gyms provide NKBV certified courses!)

You need to show us your IT certificate and we will make note of it in our administration. The most common way is to send a picture to the board ( Of course, this is not necessary if you take the IT course with us.

A higher climbing certificate than IT is also accepted directly because with that, you automatically have IT. So if you already have an IV certificate, you don't need your IT certificate anymore. 

The K2 certificate, issued by many Dutch climbing gyms, also meets the standards and is therefore also valid as a substitute for an IT certificate.


Student sports rights

WSAC Ibex receives subsidies from Wageningen University & Research (WUR) and Sports foundation Wageningen University (SWU) Thymos and uses the facilities of the Sports Centre the Bongerd (SCB). Therefore, all members need to buy annual student sports rights at the Bongerd. You can do this online or at the desk. You can go to the WUR, SWU Thymos, or SCB websites for more information about these organisations.

Student sports rights are available for students of all Dutch universities and most PhD students. PhD students can buy student sports rights via the secretarial employee ( and not at the reception. If you need to purchase your sports rights via the secretarial employee, you need to send us (a picture of) the receipt. 

You need to fill in your WBA number in your account. The WBA number is what we use to check your sports rights. This is how to find it: your WUR card has two long numbers on it, the student number and the barcode. From the numbers of your barcode (for example 444401234522) you take away the first 4 and the last 2: (4444)012345(22). If the remaining numbers start with a 0, you can take that away as well: (0)12345. What you are now left with, is your WBA number: 12345. 


Account on the website

For our administration and to enable us to provide our services, you need to have an account on the website. To make an account, click on the green 'LOG IN' button and click on 'REGISTER'. The board will verify your account. For our administration, it is important that you provide us with accurate data. Not every field of your profile is strictly necessary for your membership, but it is usually necessary if you want to join an event, especially weekends. We only use your data to offer our services and for statistical purposes (to improve our services). How we process your data is further explained in our privacy notice.


Direct debit form (membership form)

The direct debit form allows us to withdraw money from your bank account. We withdraw your annual membership fee of 25 euros and the costs for events (courses, activities or weekends) you participated in. Our treasurer will inform you by email before money is withdrawn from your bank account. 

You need to fill out and sign the direct debit form and give it to one of the board members or send a scan or picture to the board ( If you participate in the course, we will give you the form, but you can also download it here and print it yourself.


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