NSAC summer camping

Every year the NSAC arranges a place where every SAC member can go on alpine adventures, climb routes and above all socialize with outdoor-enthusiasts from other SACs. Whether you’ve just followed the C1 course, or you’re an experienced mountaineer or you’ve never been in the mountains before; everybody is welcome! The location is to be announced at a later hour, as well as the exact weeks. Members of a SAC will receive a discount from the NSAC for every night that they’re staying on the camping.  
There won’t be any climbing gear available on the camping, so bring everything that you need yourself. Mountaineering is a great sport, and there’s nothing better than to travel together with your fellow SAC members in the Alps. However, the mountains can be very unpredictable and therefore dangerous. Be aware of the following when you’re coming to the NSAC camping: There will NOT be instructors present who are responsible for your safety and wellbeing. Possibly experienced mountaineers are willing to let the less experienced tag along. Very nice, since the NSAC is an organization where we want to learn from each other. However, you cannot simply expect someone to guide you. You are responsible for your own safety and planning your own expeditions (for example with the help of mountain guides, booklets, the hut tenants, maps, the weather and whatnot). Moreover, you’re responsible for knowing your own limits and level of difficulty and expertise (and that of your buddies). Useful information and telephone numbers In case of emergency (ICE) General emergency number: 112 NSAC emergency number: +31 (0)6 40 03 35 96 In the period of 1st of July until 31st of August, the NSAC board will always carry the emergency phone with them. 

Important notions 

Make sure you have a NKBV insurance! 
Whether you want to go off-piste in the winter season, walk unbeaten paths or go on any alpine tours, you need this insurance to make sure everything is covered if something unfortunate should happen.  

Packing list

If you wish to go on alpine tours, the NSAC suggests the following list of required materials per level of alpine experience. Make sure to inform the Material Commissioner of Ibex soon enough if you want to lend any material from IBEX over the summer. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PQJ5J4LFD8-EODxI1DWuvVJVuU5QnVxv/view 

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