The summer programme refers to all the activities and trips organized during the summer holidays. Some of them are organized by Ibex itself and for only Ibexers, others by the Dutch overarching student alpine club, the NSAC. On those activities you can meet a lot of student climbers and alpinists of other SACs. 
The rest of the year we mainly focus on climbing within the Netherlands and in our close neighbouring countries, Germany, Belgium and France. During the summer break, the more serious mountains come in sight, the Alps. As we like to say, there is nothing better than spending the summer in the Alps while climbing and chilling with your friends. Fantastic views, clear streams. The Alps give a lot more possibility and diversity in your experience of climbing. Next to single pitching and multi pitching, there are plenty of other options for hiking trips, klettersteigs and reaching summits and great heights through alpinism. Don't be afraid to lack experience. Everyone can find activities at his or her level and both courses and the experience of other Ibexers and SACcers offer opportunities to learn and grow. 

The three main activities in the summer programme are:

1) The Ibex summer campsite, organized by our own Alpcie, a week of gathering in the Alps to perform all kinds of mountaineering and have a lot of fun, accessible for every Ibexer 

2) The NSAC alpine courses, organized by the summer programme (ZP) commitee of the NSAC, where you can learn the basics of alpinism or become more advanced depending on your starting level

3) The NSAC summer campsite, organized by the ZP commitee of NSAC, the same concept as the Ibex campsite, but now you have two weeks time to step by and a great opportunity to meet other SAC members to climb with. 

For more specific information, please take a look at the subtabs of this page! About the Ibex summer campsite the Alpcie will give an information evening of which the date is not yet announced. Furthermore you can always ask your questions to the alpcie via ibex.alpien@gmail.com
We know (almost) everything ;) 

About the Alpcie:

The alpine comittee is a relatively fresh comittee which has taken over the tasks of the former Alpine coordinator and works in close combination with the weekend commissioner of the board to inform Ibexers of everything that happens related to the Alps (both in summer as winter). It organizes the Ibex campsite and promotes alpinism and the courses that the NSAC has to offer. Furthermore it organizes activities throughout the year, for great fun and to get a more specific bond between those members of Ibex who feel attracted to alpinism in the broad sense. 


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